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Kafka Connector - Get Started - Mule 4

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Kafka Connector v3.0

The Anypoint Connector for Apache Kafka allows you to interact with the Apache Kafka messaging system, and enable seamless integration between your Mule app and an Apache Kafka cluster, using Mule runtime.

About Connectors

Anypoint connectors are Mule runtime engine extensions that enable you to connect to APIs and resources on external systems, such as Salesforce, Kafka, ServiceNow, and Twitter.


Before creating an app, you must have access to the Kafka target resource and Anypoint Platform. You must also understand how to create a Mule app using Design Center or Anypoint Studio.

You also need access to Kafka to get values for these fields that appear in Studio and Design Center:

Field Description

Group id

A unique string that identifies the consumer group this consumer belongs to.

Bootstrap Servers

Comma-separated host-port pairs used for establishing the initial connection to the Kafka cluster. This is the same as the bootstrap.servers value you provide to Kafka clients (producer and consumer). If this property is provided with producer and consumer properties files, this value is ignored and the one from the properties file is used.


(Kerberos and Kerberos SSL) Kerberos principal.

Service name

(Kerberos and Kerberos SSL) The Kerberos principal name that Kafka broker runs as.

Additional JAAS Properties

(Kerberos and Kerberos SSL) Additional properties as key-value pairs that you need to set in the sasl.jaas.config file and that you can include in Java Authentication and Authorization Service (JAAS) configuration file.

Key Store Type

(Kerbero SSL) The file format of the key store file. This is optional for a client.

Key Store Password

(Kerbero SSL) The store password for the key store file. This is optional for a client and only needed if Key Store Location is configured.

Key Store Location

(Kerbero SSL) The location of the key store file. This is optional for a client and can be used for two-way authentication for a client.

Trust Store Type

(Kerbero SSL) The file format of the trust store file. The default is JKS.

Trust Store Password

(Kerbero SSL) The password for the trust store file. If a password is not set, access to the truststore is still available, but integrity checking is disabled.

Trust Store Location

(Kerbero SSL) Location of the trust store.



After you have met the prerequisites, you are ready to create an app with Design Center or Anypoint Studio.

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