About Authentication through the Salesforce Connector

To access the data in a Salesforce instance, you have to set up a configuration that supports the authentication with the Salesforce service you require.

You can configure the Salesforce connector to authenticate by Username Password or by an OAuth 2.0-based mechanism (OAuth JWT, OAuth SAML, or OAuth Username Password).

Username Password (Basic) authentication is generally is generally recommended for internal applications only. Important parameters:

  • Username: Enter the Salesforce username. (required)

  • Password: Enter the corresponding password. (required)

  • Security Token: Enter the corresponding security token.

OAuth 2.0-based authentication provides better security but requires additional parameters. You might use it if your service is exposed to external users. Important parameters:

  • Consumer Key - The consumer key for the Salesforce connected app.

  • Consumer Secret - The consumer secret for the connector to access Salesforce.

  • Key Store - The path to the key store used to sign data during authentication. Only Java key store format is allowed.

  • Store Password - Key store password.

  • Principal - Username of desired Salesforce user.

All configuration parameters are described in Salesforce Connector Reference. Salesforce documentation provides more information about authentication through Salesforce.

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