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Example: Add a Fund to the Financial Management Service

This example uses the Invoke operation in the Workday connector to insert a fund in the Financial Management service.

  1. Create a Mule application as a Design Center or Studio 7 Mule project.

  2. Add and configure a trigger, such as the HTTP Listener or Scheduler, for a flow in your app.

    You can accept the default settings for the HTTP Listener or Scheduler and provide any required values.

    Http listener config for add fund request
  3. Add a Transform component to your flow, and use the field within the Script tab to add a DataWeave transformation script.


    %dw 2.0
    output application/xml
    ns ns0 urn:com.workday/bsvc
      ns0#Put_Fund_Request @(ns0#Add_Only: true, ns0#version: "v32.1"): {
        ns0#Fund_Data: {
          ns0#Fund_Name: "I.M.F",
          ns0#Fund_Type_Reference: {
            ns0#ID @(ns0#'type': 'Fund_Type_ID'): "FUND_TYPE-6-3"
    Transform dataweave for add fund request
  4. Add the Workday connector. Select web service Financial Management, configure, test, and save a connection.

    Workday config

    Configuration example:

    • Configuration Name: My Workday Connection

    • Connection: Basic Authentication Api V32

    • Username: my_workday_username

    • Password: my_workday_password

    • Tenant Name: my_workday_tenant_name

    • Host Name: Defaults to

  5. After that choose operation Put_Fund.

    put fund operation
  6. Add a Logger to the end of your flow that takes a payload (or #[payload]) as the message.

  7. Deploy or run your app.

  8. Once the status is Running, check for the response.

    If you are using the HTTP Listener, you can browse to your listener URL, for example: http://<app_url>:8081/fund.

    If you are using the Scheduler, you can find the response in the logs.

    You should receive an XML response similar to this snippet:

    <wd:Put_Fund_Response xmlns:wd="urn:com.workday/bsvc" wd:version="v32.1">
        <wd:Fund_Reference wd:Descriptor="I.M.F">
            <wd:ID wd:type="WID">THE_WID_ID_NUMBER</wd:ID>
            <wd:ID wd:type="Fund_ID">FUND-6-399</wd:ID>

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