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API Governance Release Notes

Anypoint API Governance provides centralized governance to help you ensure your APIs follow best practices, industry regulations, and security standards. As API owners add, edit, and promote APIs, API Governance helps you monitor and address conformance across your organization.

March 4, 2023

What’s New

  • You can now filter by API Instance information in your governance profiles. If you select the filter Include only APIs with instances, only specifications that have an instance in API Manager are included. You can then optionally filter by environment type and environment name. See Create a Governance Profile Using the API Governance Console.

  • Rulesets now have a Governed APIs page where you can view the list of centrally-governed APIs to which the ruleset applies. See Viewing Conformance Status in Exchange.

  • The API Governance experience API is now published on Exchange.

Fixed Issues

Resolution ID

The Anypoint CLI 3.x command anypoint-cli governance api now successfully validates remote APIs and projects in folders when run in legacy mode.


December 10, 2022

What’s New

  • Your profiles can now be configured to automatically use the latest versions of rulesets in the console and through Anypoint CLI.

  • You can now search and filter to find specific rulesets when creating and updating profiles in the console.

  • You can now configure notifications using the CLI when creating and updating profiles.

  • The Conformance Status page for validated APIs in Exchange now shows the filter criteria that resulted in the API being validated against the listed rulesets.

October 29, 2022

What’s New

  • New ruleset version selection in the console: In the API Governance console, you can now select ruleset versions while creating or updating a profile.

  • Improved conformance assessment and remediation: In Design Center, you can more easily add governance rulesets to an API project and create an editable branch of the API if there isn’t already one available.

Fixed Issues

Resolution ID

The Fix API definition button is replaced with visible links to improve navigation and visibility.

W-11551948, W-11764543

The CLI fix-me instructions page no longer has a code snippet that isn’t visible when the web browser page is sized to a narrow width.


The Best Practices ruleset’s wording is improved.


The search on the API Governance console is now case insensitive.


The anypoint-cli governance ruleset validate CLI command with a valid ruleset YAML file no longer fails on Windows 10.


Validation of an API definition with multiple rulesets now completes successfully.


The full API console is now visible or scrollable when the web browser page is sized to a narrow width.


The legends in the console cards no longer wrap into the second row when the web browser page is sized to a narrow width.


October 1, 2022

What’s New

  • You can now filter by lifecycle state in the API Governance profile wizard to more quickly select the APIs you want to govern.

  • You can now see the total governed APIs, total APIs, and subscription usage in one place in the API Governance dashboard.

  • The anypoint cli governance commands are enhanced to support ruleset customization. You can now:

    • Evaluate the rulesets that might apply to your API: governance api evaluate

    • Scaffold rules from data schemas:

      • governance api inspect

      • governance ruleset init

    • Customize individual rules by changing severity levels and enabling or disabling rules:

      • governance ruleset info

      • governance ruleset clone

  • The governance create profile and governance update profile commands now have the --criteria option, where you can specify filters for tags, categories, lifecycle states, and scope, such as API types async-api and rest-api

  • The governance api validate command now has the following options:

    • --remote, to enable you to validate APIs published in Exchange

    • --remote-rulesets, to enable you to validate APIs against rulesets published in Exchange

September 3, 2022

What’s New

User Interface Improvements

  • The Conformance Status page Fix API Definition menu selections more clearly indicate the subsequent action.

  • The instructions in the Instructions for Anypoint CLI page are easier to follow.

Fixed Issues

Issue ID

A subscription limit alert now appears only when the number of governed APIs nears or exceeds the limit. Multiple versions of the same API in different profiles are counted as one governed API.


When you refresh the Conformance Status page, the conformance status shown on the page now immediately refreshes.


August 20, 2022

Fixed Issues

Issue ID

The rule provide-examples in the Anypoint Best Practices ruleset now properly validates API definitions that use !include or import fragment.


The description for the rule headers-must-have-descriptions in the Anypoint Best Practices ruleset is now "Provide descriptions for headers" rather than "Provide descriptions for request headers", because responses can also have headers.


August 6, 2022

What’s New

  • A new Conformance Status page in Exchange enables API developers to see details about conformance of their validated API definitions to governance rulesets. For details, see Viewing Conformance Status in Exchange.

  • You are now notified when your number of governed APIs nears or exceeds your subscription level.

  • You can now review your monthly usage of API Governance in usage reports. For details, see Viewing Usage Reports.

July 9, 2022

What’s New

  • You can now govern event-driven APIs by selecting the AsyncAPI API type when creating governance profiles.

  • When you filter by categories while creating or updating a governance profile, you can now see information about categories applied to the filtered APIs. The number of categories applied to an API is denoted by Categories followed by a number in parenthesis. Hover over Categories to see more details.

  • Command enhancements:

    • anypoint-cli governance api validate

      This command now accepts an API project ZIP file or folder and downloads dependencies, including rulesets against which to validate. You can optionally use the --rulesets option to specify a comma-separated list of local rulesets.

    • anypoint-cli governance ruleset validate

      This command now accepts the following as the ruleset definition parameter:

      • A ruleset definition YAML file

      • A ZIP file that contains an API project with an exchange.json file that specifies the ruleset as the main file

      • A folder that contains an API project with an exchange.json file that specifies the ruleset as the main file

      The updated Anypoint CLI version containing these command enhancements will be published and available on on July 11.

June 11, 2022

What’s New

  • API Governance now groups notifications by API so that only one email is sent if an API is validated by multiple rulesets

  • You can now select the following recipients for the automated conformance notifications:

    • API Publisher: Email the API publisher by using the email address specified in the listed Anypoint Platform account

    • API Contact: Email the contact specified in the asset in Exchange

    • Others: Email to a comma-separated list of email addresses

  • The UI is now reactive, more responsive, and more accessible

April 30, 2022

What’s New

  • In the new API Governance console:

    • Configure profiles to apply rulesets to specific sets of APIs

    • Monitor the conformance status of APIs that are validated as part of the profiles

    • Export reports of API conformance data in CSV format

    • Notify API owners to encourage them to make their APIs conformant to the profiles

  • In Design Center in API Designer:

    • Apply rulesets to your APIs to see what parts of the definitions are noncomformant

    • Update the APIs to be conformant and republish them to Exchange

  • In Exchange:

    • Discover and view the new governance rulesets provided by MuleSoft

    • View conformance status for governed API assets

  • Using the new Anypoint CLI governance commands:

    • Automate governance in your automation tools, such as CI/CD pipelines or scripts

For details, see the API Governance documentation.