Getting Started with API Governance

After you become familiar with the API Governance UI and concepts covered in the API Governance Overview, you are ready to get started governing your APIs.

Before You Begin

To access the API Governance console:

  • MuleSoft must activate API Governance for your Anypoint Platform organization.

  • You must have the Anypoint API Governance administrator permission set by your Anypoint Platform administrator.

Govern Your APIs

Govern your APIs using the following steps:
  1. (Optional) Install the API Governance CLI to run commands locally or in automation tools.

  2. Identify the APIs that you want to govern.

  3. Configure governance profiles to identify which rulesets to apply to which APIs.

  4. Monitor governance conformance status in the API Governance console.

  5. Find and fix conformance issues as you author in Design Center API Designer.

  6. View conformance status for a selected API in Exchange.

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