Sending Conformance Notifications

You can send notifications automatically by configuring them in the API Governance console. Alternatively, you can send the notifications manually from a governance profile.

Send Automated Conformance Notifications

If you want to automatically send notifications when governance conformance issues are detected by API Governance, enable them in the API Governance console.

Automated notifications are sent to the contact email address for the contact specified in the API. These notifications are sent only if there is a valid contact email address on the asset page in Exchange.

Automated notifications are sent for each ruleset that has a new conformance failure when the conformance status changes during validation. Following are the changes that might result in notifications:

  1. Updating a governance profile, including adding or removing rulesets

  2. Publishing a new version of an API

  3. Changing tags on an API

  4. Updating governance rulesets

A notification is sent only the first time a specific version of an API fails conformance to a specific ruleset.

To configure conformance notifications:

  1. In the API Governance console, while creating or updating a profile, using the Next and Previous buttons to navigate to the Notifications page of the profile for which you want to enable notifications.

  2. Set the slider to Enabled.

Send Notifications to API Owners

When you notice an API is not conformant, you might want to send the API owner an email notification that includes:

  • The name of the APIs that are not conformant

  • Which governance rulesets the APIs failed

  • The number and types of rules that failed (violation, warning, and information)

  • Links from which to act on the issues, such as API details in Exchange and code in Design Center

You can send emails to API owners from profiles even when there are no conformance issues.

To send a notification email to the API owner:

  1. In the API Governance console, select a governance profile.

  2. Click the Notify Owner icon.

  3. Select a recipient:

    • Contact: Email the contact specified in the API

    • Publisher: Email the API publisher by using the email address specified in the listed Anypoint Platform account

    • Others: Email to a comma-separated list of email addresses

  4. Review the email text and click Notify.


  • The Contact selection is disabled if there is not a valid email address for the API contact in Exchange.

  • The Publisher selection is disabled if there is not a valid contact email address for the API publisher in their Anypoint Platform profile.

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