Amazon SQS - Upgrade the Connector to Version 5.7 - Mule 4

Upgrade Anypoint Connector for Amazon SQS to take advantage of the ability to run an app on a single node or on all nodes of a cluster.

Supported Upgrade Paths

From Version To Version



What’s Changed


  • The Messages object now contains a new deduplicationId field

    If multiple messages are sent with the same deduplication ID, Amazon SQS accepts the messages successfully, but delivers only the first message during the 5-minute deduplication interval.


  • Cluster node support was added back to the Receive Messages input source and works the same as it did in version 5.4.3

    The input source listens for messages on all cluster nodes by default, but you can change this behavior by using the Primary node only field on the Advanced sub-tab on the Receive Messages tab. For more information, see Receiving Messages in Cluster Mode.


  • Version 5.5.0 was deprecated because cluster mode support was accidentally removed from that version.


  • The Amazon SDK for Java dependency was upgraded to version 1.11.649.


Ensure your system meets the following requirements before you perform the upgrade:

Application/Service Version


4.1.1 and later



Anypoint Studio

7.0 and later

See the Amazon SQS Connector Release Notes for updated compatibility information for patch updates.

Upgrade Prerequisites

Before you upgrade, create a backup of your files, data, and configurations in case you need to restore them.

Upgrade Steps

Follow these steps to perform the upgrade:

  1. In Anypoint Studio, create a Mule project.

  2. In the Mule Palette view, click Search in Exchange.

  3. Enter sqs in the search field.

  4. In the Available modules section, select Amazon SQS Connector and click Add.

  5. Click Finish.

  6. Verify that the mule-amazon-sqs-connector dependency version is 5.7.x in the pom.xml file in the Mule project. Replace x with the version that corresponds to the connector you are using.

  7. In version 5.5.0, the Receive Messages input source received messages on the primary node only. To obtain the same behavior in this version, access the Advanced tab in the Receive Messages configuration and select the Primary node only field.

    If you’re upgrading from version 5.4.x or earlier to version 5.7, this step is not needed.

Studio upgrades the connector automatically.

Post Upgrade Steps

After you install the latest version of the connector, verify the upgrade:

  1. In Studio, verify that there are no errors in the Problems or Console views.

  2. Verify that there are no problems in the project pom.xml file.

  3. Test the connection and verify that the operations work.


If there are problems with caching the parameters and metadata, try restarting Studio.

Revert the Upgrade

If you must revert to your previous version of Amazon SQS Connector, change the mule-amazon-sqs-connector dependency version 5.7.x in the project’s pom.xml to the latest version which is not deprecated, 5.6.

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