About Usage Graphs

You can view a chart indicating how much data and API requests have been consumed, and shows how many message units were received.


  • Each message unit contains 100 KB of data in a message. Message units are counted by the number of encoded characters in a message. Anypoint MQ charges you an extra message unit for each 100 KB of extra data in a message over 100 KB.

  • Monthly billing usage information is delayed by 24 hours.

Accessing MQ Usage

To view MQ usage:

  1. Log into Anypoint Platform.

  2. Click Access Management from the left navigation bar or from the starting Anypoint Platform screen.


    You can open or close the left navigation bar by pressing the Escape key on your keyboard.
  3. Click MQ in the SUBSCRIPTION section:


  4. Click a chart duration value of 6m - six months (default), 1y - one year, or 2y - two years:


    The chart indicates the number of message units and API requests per month. The circle graphs indicate the percentage and amount of your license that you have used. The circle graphs turns red as the license limits get closer:


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