Workflow: Creating, Testing, and Implementing an API

This workflow uses the free online REST service JSONPlaceholder at http://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com for example purposes. The JSONPlaceholder service provides user information in JSON format. You design a RAML API specification and create an APIkit project in Studio based on the RAML. You simulate calls to the API, and add logic to implement the project as a Mule app. Resources are /users and /userbyid. The /users resource gets all user information. The /userbyid resource gets a particular user’s information.

  1. Design a RAML API specification in Design Center.
    Alternatively, you can use a text editor instead of Design Center to create the RAML specification and dependent JSON example file:

  2. Start an APIkit project by importing the API specification.

  3. Run the APIkit project.

  4. Simulate API calls to the API to test it.

  5. Add business logic to the API:

  6. Test the API implementation.

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