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To Generate a SOAP Fault

In this procedure, you use the SoapUI tool to identify an operation you need to implement by making the API that fails. You use the OrderTshirt operation to create a request in SOAP UI to place an order for a large t-shirt for John. The API cannot handle this operation and a SOAP fault occurs.

  1. In a SOAP client, SoapUI for example, create a new SOAP project using the URL for your deployed Mule APIkit project for the initial WSDL. In this workflow, the URL is http://localhost:8081/TshirtService/TshirtServicePort?wsdl:

    soapui new project
  2. In SoapUI, request a large t-shirt for John by entering some values into the request envelope. For example:

    • Click Projects > TshirtServicePort?wsdl > TshirtServiceSoapBinding > OrderTshirt > Request 1.

    • Enter L between the <size> tags.

    • Enter John between the <name> tags.

  3. Submit the request.

    The result is the SOAP fault.

    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
          <soap:Fault xmlns:soap="">
             <faultstring>Operation [OrderTshirt:\soapkit-config] not implemented</faultstring>

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