Identify Operations to Implement

You can use SoapUI to identify an operation you need to implement by making the API fail. You use the OrderTshirt operation to create a request in SOAP UI to place an order for a large t-shirt for John. The API cannot handle this operation and a SOAP fault occurs.

  1. In SoapUI, create a new SOAP project using the URL for your deployed Mule APIkit project for the initial WSDL.
    In this workflow, the URL is http://localhost:8081/TshirtService/TshirtServicePort?wsdl:

    soapui new project
  2. In SoapUI, request a large t-shirt for John by entering some values into the request envelope:

    1. Select Projects > TshirtServicePort?wsdl > TshirtServiceSoapBinding > OrderTshirt > Request 1.

    2. Enter L between the <size> tags.

    3. Enter John between the <name> tags.

  3. Submit the request.

    The result is the SOAP fault.

    <soap:Envelope xmlns:soap="">
          <soap:Fault xmlns:soap="">
             <faultstring>Operation [OrderTshirt:\soapkit-config] not implemented</faultstring>

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