APIkit 4.x Overview

If youโ€™re an APIkit 3.x user, you can get up and running quickly with APIkit 4.x. Basic use hasnโ€™t changed. Key improvements and changes in this release are:

  • APIkit is now a Mule plugin.

    • MuleSoft can update APIkit in a timely manner, independent from Mule Runtime updates.

    • To use a different APIkit version, just change the dependency in the POM.

      apikit pom
  • The API folder is located under resources. API definition files are no longer duplicated in the root folder.

    api folder
  • API Console 4.0 that simulates calls to the API is not embedded in Studio.

    You enter a URL, which appears when you run the API, to open API Console in a browser.

  • Some APIkit XML elements and attributes, listed in the "APIkit XML Reference" changed.

  • Error handling aligns with Mule Runtime 4.0.

  • APIkit 4.x removes the following APIkit 3.x properties:

    • consolePath

    • consoleEnabled

APIkit Distribution

The timing of future improvements and fixes are no longer constrained by Studio or Mule Runtime release schedules. In Studio, you use the installation wizard to check for updates. To change an APIkit version, just change the dependency in the POM of your application with the latest version of the module.


Customizing APIkit

You can customize the configuration of APIkit. For example, you can change the host, port, path, and scheme by editing the listener and listener-config in the configuration.xml of the project.

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