Upgrading and Migrating AS2 Connector to Version 6.x - Mule 4

Upgrade Anypoint Connector for AS2 (AS2 Connector) from version 5.x to 6.x to take advantage of new features and functionality.

Supported Upgrade Paths

From Version To Version





AS2 Connector 6.2 contains the following new fields:

  • The Custom Message ID field enables you to specify a custom message ID for AS2 Send operations.

  • The Propagate Content Transfer Encoding field enables you to define whether to propagate the content transfer encoding on the AS2 message sent to the partner.

Both of these fields are on the General tab.


AS2 Connector 6.1 also contains the following changes:

The Transfer Mode Configuration Field was added to the Send Config class so that you can enable and disable chunked transfer of data when using the Send operation. * Digitally signed copies of outgoing and received messages and their corresponding receipts can be saved for non-repudiation purposes as long as they are configured and enabled on AS2 Connector operations and sources. * The new Mule source Non repudiation listener must be user-configured to persist the non-repudiation information provided by any of the AS2 Connector operations and sources via a user-defined persistence strategy. * Certain attribute object fields are renamed and deprecated fields are removed.
These changes are outlined in Upgrade Steps.


Ensure that you meet the following requirements before you migrate:

  • Mule 4.3.0 or later

  • Java 8

Upgrade Steps

Follow these steps to perform the upgrade to AS2 version 6.x:

  1. Download AS2 Connector 6.x.x from Exchange.

  2. Place the appropriate source or operation in the Mule flow you are upgrading.

Changes for AS2 Listener and AS2 MDN Listener

There are no changes to the way AS2 Listener and AS2 MDN Listener are used or configured.

Changes for Send with Sync MDN and Send with Async MDN operations

The Send with Sync MDN and Send with Async MDN operations have the following changes:

  • An attribute object of type com.mulesoft.connector.as2.api.AS2MdnAttributes is changed in version 6.1.0:
    The field com.mulesoft.connector.as2.api.AS2SendAttributes.as2MdnAttributes is of type com.mulesoft.connector.as2.api.AS2MdnAttributes.

  • The MultiMap dispositionContent is converted into an object called DispositionNotification that splits the information of the disposition-notification part of the MDN into parameters.
    The DispositionNotification is in the DispositionNotificationReport object.

Amend Mule flows that are using these attributes accordingly.

Changes in AS2 MDN Attributes

5.x Field Name 6.x Field Name 5.x Type 6.x Type



MultiMap<String, String>



















Field Removed


Field Removed

Post Upgrade Steps

After you perform the upgrade steps, follow these steps to complete the upgrade:

  1. Verify that the connector is working by making sure there are no exceptions on startup and test it against your AS2 partner.

  2. Notify your partners of any new URL (port) configurations that correspond to the HTTP Listener you are using.


If there are problems with caching the parameters and caching the metadata, try restarting Studio.

Revert the Upgrade

If it is necessary to revert to the previous version of as2MdnAttributes Connector, change the as2-connector dependency version in the project’s pom.xml file to the previous version.

You must update the project’s pom.xml file in Anypoint Studio.

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