Box Connector 5.0 - Mule 4

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Box is an online file sharing and content management service for businesses. Anypoint Connector for Box (Box Connector) is a RAML-based connector that provides synchronization of data and automation of processes between Box and third party CRMs, CMS, mobile, and social applications. Because this is a RAML-based connector, it only uses REST calls to interact with the Box 2.0 API and supports only a subset of available API services.


Before creating an app, you must have access to the Box target resource and Anypoint Platform. You must also understand how to create a Mule app using Anypoint Studio.

You should be familiar with the use of the Box 2.0 API, Mule, Anypoint Connectors, Anypoint Studio, Mule concepts, elements in a Mule flow, and global elements.

To use this connector you need the following:

  • A developer account or other valid Box instance.

  • MuleSoft Enterprise License and necessary entitlements.

Next Step

After you complete the prerequisites, you are ready to create an app with Anypoint Studio.