To Route HTTP Requests to Different Paths

In this procedure, you set up multiple flows, each having an HTTP Listener that listens for requests to different subpaths. The Listeners share a global configuration element (host, port and path). HTTP requests directed to http://localhost:8081/account are routed to the first flow. HTTP requests directed to http://localhost:8081/employee are routed to the second flow. When the Listener global element receives a request that doesn’t match the path defined on any of the HTTP Connector Instances, it returns an HTTP 404 (Resource Not Found).

  1. Create a flow with an HTTP Listener, and set Path to account.

  2. Configure a global element:

    • Set Host to localhost

    • Accept the default Port = 8081.

  3. Add a Logger component to the flow.

  4. Create a second flow.

    • Drag another HTTP Listener to the blank space below the first flow.

    • Select the same connector configuration element as in the other connector.

    • Set Path = employee.

  5. Add a Logger component to the flow.

  6. In a client browser, go to the first URL: http://localhost:8081/account.

  7. In a client browser, go to the second URL: http://localhost:8081/employee.

  8. Verify that the logs show the requests routed to the first and then the second flows, respectively.