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To Start an App from a Browser

In this procedure, you configure an HTTP Listener. You set an HTTP URL consisting of a host name, a port, and a path. To listen on a specific port for every network interface on the server, you set host to Using localhost listens for incoming requests generated inside the server. When the Listener hears the request in the browser, it initiates the app.

  1. Create a new project.

  2. From Mule Palette, drag an HTTP Listener to a new flow.

  3. Configure the Listener:

    • Click + and set the default host, port and base path. For example, host =, port = 8081, and no base path.

    • In General, set Path to the URL you plan to use to start the app from the browser. For example, set Path to /trigger.

    • Accept the other default Listener settings, and save the configuration.

  4. From the Mule Palette, drag Core > Logger to the flow.

  5. In Logger, in Message, type "Hello".

  6. Deploy the app, open a browser, and go to

    The Listener hears the request on port 8081, and starts the app.

  7. In Console, scroll through the logs and you see Hello.

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