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SAP Additional Configuration Information - Mule 4

After you complete basic SAP connector configuration, you can perform additional configuration tasks, such as changing advanced settings and defining extended properties.

Advanced Tab Settings

If needed, set encoding, version, flag, format, and timeout parameters.

To change these field values, click the Advanced tab at the top of the Global Element Properties screen:

Field XML Attribute Description Default Value

Display Name


Set a reference name of the endpoint used internally by the Mule configuration.



Set a canonical name for an encoding. See Oracle’s supported encodings.

Default IDocument Version


Set the version when sending an intermediate document (IDoc). Values for the IDoc version correspond to IDOC_VERSION_xxxx constants in

Disable Function template cache flag


Set to disable the function template cache.


Evaluate response flag


Set if an error response should throw an exception or let the user handle it with another result.


Log trace flag


Set if the trace should be logged on the Mule server.


Use SAP format


Set to use the SAP default format when working with business application programming interface (BAPI) functions using a synchronous remote function call (sRFC).


Operation timeout


Set a timeout for operations. This is a positive value in milliseconds. A value of 0 means indefinite waiting.


Define Extended Properties

Extended properties enable you to tune SAP outbound configuration parameters.

To define extended properties for the SAP connector global element:

  1. Navigate to the Advanced tab on the General pane:

    Lower Advanced Tab
  2. Locate the Extended Properties section at the top of the window.

  3. Select the Edit inline option.

  4. Click + to add a new extended property - use the same property name that SAP uses.


Now that you have completed configuration, you can experiment with the SAP Examples.

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