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XML Reference for the ServiceNow Connector

The XML element for the ServiceNow configuration starts with the servicenow statement.

Connector Namespace and Schema

When designing your application in Anypoint Studio, when you drag the connector from the palette onto the Anypoint Studio canvas, Studio automatically populates the XML code with the connector namespace and schema location.

Schema Location:

If you are manually coding the Mule application in Studio’s XML editor or another text editor, define the namespace and schema location in the header of your Configuration XML, inside the <mule> tag.

<mule xmlns=""

      <!-- put your global configuration elements and flows here -->


Note: Use current in the schema path. Studio interprets this to the current Mule version.

Maven Dependency Information

For Maven dependency management, include this XML snippet in your pom.xml file.


Inside the <version> tags, put the desired version number, the word RELEASE for the latest release, or SNAPSHOT for the latest available version.

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