Set up Your Government Cloud Account

After you set up your account, Government Cloud works with your identity provider (IdP) to enable single sign-on (SSO) for users in your agency. Instead of using the Anypoint Platform sign-in page, your users sign in to the SSO system to access Anypoint Platform.

When you purchase Government Cloud, your Customer Success Manager sends you onboarding instructions and access to the MuleSoft Help Center.

To configure your IdP to work with Government Cloud:

  1. Verify that you have access to the Support Portal.

    If not, contact your Customer Success Manager for credentials.

  2. In the Support Portal, click Create New Case.

  3. Enter your Support Center credentials and click Log in.

  4. Request to configure an external identity provider for your organization to enable SSO.

  5. Provide the required information about your IdP and any additional information, if applicable.

    For the required information, see the documentation that applies to the SSO standard you use:

Using the information you provide, MuleSoft Support configures the IdP to enable SSO for your organization.

Government Cloud does not support the configuration of local users, for which usernames and encrypted passwords are stored outside of Government Cloud.

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