To Configure OpenID Connect

  1. Log into the master Organization in Anypoint Platform as Administrator.

  2. In Anypoint Platform, click Access Management > External Identity.

  3. From Identity Management, select OpenId Connect.

    The External Identity - Identity Management OpenID Connect form appears.

  4. Fill in the following required fields:

    • Client Registration URL

      The Anypoint Platform URL where users must sign in.

    • Authorize URL

      The OpenID Connect URL where the user authenticates and grants the client app access to the user’s identity.

    • Token URL

      The URL that provides the user’s identity encoded in the secure JSON Web Token.

    • User Info URL

      The URL that returns user profile information to the client app. Provided by the IdP.

  5. Save your configuration.

    Sign out and navigate to the Authorize URL entered above, and sign in via your identity provider to test the configuration.