In Anypoint Platform, you can create and manage separate environments for deployment. The environments are completely independent. You can create these types of environments:

  • Design

    Tied to design vcores. Used by Design Center applications.

  • Production

    Created at the same time as a new organization. You get one production environment at that time.

  • Sandbox

    Use to restrict environments to developers and testers. Reduces risks to the production environment.

Depending on the type of subscription you have on CloudHub, the size of your environments might be limited.

For example, you can create a sandbox environment for a QA team in which they can test new releases of applications before deploying to production. You can add users to a sandbox environment without giving them access to the production environment. A developer cannot accidentally operate on an application in production. After you’re sure an application is safe to expose to users, you can promote the application from a sandbox environment to a production environment.

Managing Environments

Admin Only

To create or manage environments, click the menu icon at the top right of the screen and click Environments:


To add an environment, click Add Environment. Add a name, select an environment, for example Design, and click Create. You select an environment name to change its name or to delete it. For example, to rename an environment, select the environment, change the name, and click Update. 

You can’t grant users access to an environment directly. To grant a role permissions to access your new environment, use roles.