Connected Apps for End Users

End users can delegate API access and log in to third-party applications using their Anypoint Platform credentials. They can authorize access to their account when the following message appears:

The interface the user sees before authorizing an app to use their data
Figure 1. The Authorize App interface enables end users to see which organization is requesting access to data and how the data is used. After the end user clicks Grant Access, the app is authorized to access the data indicated in the Authorize App interface.

End users can manage third-party apps that they have authorized in their profile settings. They can view authorized apps in their profiles by clicking on their profile icon in the top right corner and selecting Profile. The following screenshot illustrates how authorized connected apps are shown within a user’s profile page:

A user’s profile that contains authorized connected apps and their scopes
Figure 2. The Application Name column lists the name of the app with which the user is sharing their data. The Scopes column lists the token granted to the app, in addition to the permissions the connected app has.

If an organization administrator blocks an app, end users cannot authorize the app to access their information.

Because most applications are developed by a third-party, MuleSoft is not liable for how an app uses the data it’s requesting access to. You can navigate to the developer information link and contact the application admin if you have questions or concerns about their application.

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