Troubleshoot Access Management

These tips provide information on what to do if you encounter issues.

Problems with Accessing Anypoint Platform

Sign in Credentials are Not Recognized

If your credentials aren’t recognized when you try to log in to Anypoint Platform, try the following:

  • Check that you are using the correct URL to log in to your organization.
    If your organization uses an external identity management system, your login URL is anypoint.mulesoft.com/accounts/login/yourOrganizationDomain.

  • Verify that you are using the correct username and password for the account.

  • If your organization isn’t using an external identity management system and your login credentials aren’t working, reset your password or ask your Organization Administrator if your account is still active.

If you click the link in your invitation and an error is returned, your invitation may have expired or been rescinded. Please contact your Organization Administrator for a new invitation.

OpenID Connect Client Management

Error received when you try to update a client application

If you receive an There was an error while talking to CoreServices when you try to update a client application under OpenID Connect management, this is because updates of clients created through this integration are not currently supported.

Error Received When Doing a Redirect

When a redirect to the OpenID Connect Provider occurs, you receive an Invalid Scopes error.

Cause: This can happen if the openid, profile, and email scopes aren’t supported by the auto-registered client.

Solution: Add the openid, profile, and email scopes to the client manually.

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