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Allowlisting Trusted Domains

Every HTTP request you make to an external resource goes through the API Console Proxy. For security reasons, you need to register the domain as a trusted domain in Anypoint Platform.

To add a new domain:

  1. Sign in to Anypoint Platform using an account that has the Organization Administrator permission.

  2. In the navigation bar or the main Anypoint Platform page, click Access Management.

  3. Click Trusted domains.

  4. Click Add domain.
    The domain must not match with any existing trusted domain, and must not be any domain or subdomain of MuleSoft or Anypoint Platform.

  5. In the dialog box that appears, type the domain name and click Add domain.
    Result: The domain has been added to your list of trusted domains. You are redirected to the trusted domains page, where you can edit or delete your domains. If you register a domain on a parent organization, it is also allowlisted on all your business groups.

Automatic Registration of Domains

When you publish an API specification to Exchange or send a request through the proxy, the base URI of the implementation is automatically added to the list of trusted domains.

Non-authenticated requests from public portals in Exchange or via shareable links in Mocking Service are automatically registered.