Update Your User Profile

When you log into the configured IdP for the first time, an Anypoint user is created using your IdP information.

Your user profile includes a username, your name, and email address. Typically, the OpenID Connect userinfo endpoint provides a preferred_username claim that contains the authenticated user’s username. However, some IdPs such as OpenAM and PingFederate do not support the preferred_username claim. Therefore, when Anypoint Platform creates a user, the email and subclaims values comprise the username if the preferred_username claim isn’t present. Claims are made in the following order: preferred_username, email, sub. If a username is created as a single string of random characters and does not have an email address defined, the string may be returning the sub claim that the id token and userinfo endpoint show for the user.

To update user profile information from your configured IdP, log into Anypoint Platform through the IdP. When you log in, your user profile is automatically updated with the information from the IdP.

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