About Client Management

This topic provides an overview of client management on Anypoint Platform. As an API owner, you can apply an Anypoint Platform OAuth 2.0 policy to an API to authenticate client applications that try to access it. You need an OAuth provider to use the policy. One of the following OAuth providers is recommended:

  • OpenAM versions 11 or 12

  • PingFederate

To configure OpenAM or PingFederate for client management on Anypoint Platform, you need to first have an account with one of these IdPs. On all versions of Anypoint Platform, except Private Cloud edition, set up OpenAM or PingFederate for client management following one of the configuration tasks.

Using Authorization and Authentication

To protect an important resource, the authorization layer and the authentication layer are typically used for identity and client management, respectively. OpenAM and PingFederate can handle user and client management simultaneously.

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