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Standalone Mule Support in MuleSoft Government Cloud

MuleSoft Government Cloud deployment permits deployment of Mule runtime engine instances into an on-premises environment (standalone Mule instances). Standalone Mule instances, and MuleSoft support for standalone Mule instances, are outside the scope of FedRAMP. The customer is responsible for ensuring that all data shared with Salesforce complies with any and all data and information protection policies, requirements, and standards. Review the MuleSoft System Security Plan for FedRAMP scope.

Rigorous internal security and compliance reviews were performed on services that support standalone Mule deployments in MuleSoft Government Cloud. The Significant Change Request Form and updated System Security Plan were approved by our FedRAMP sponsoring agency.

For FIPS compliance, Mule Runtime version 4.1.x or later and runtime agent version 2.4.9 or later are required.

Standalone Mule support enables federal, state, and local government customers to deploy Mules inside their private cloud or on-premises environment and manage them using the MuleSoft Government Cloud control plane. Key features include:

  • Mule Management

    • Unified view of applications, servers, and APIs

    • Application deployment and management across all environments

    • Integration with continuous deployment pipelines

    • Anypoint Runtime Manager capabilities

  • Anypoint Runtime Manager monitoring

Mule Version Support

The following Mule versions are supported for standalone Mule support in MuleSoft Government Cloud:

  • 4.1.x

  • 4.2.x

  • 4.3.x

  • 4.6.x

To get started, refer to the Anypoint Runtime Manager documentation.