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Monitor Applications and Servers

After you deploy your application, use the monitoring dashboards in Runtime Manager to monitor the application’s performance. If you deployed the application to an on-premises server, you can also monitor the server.

Depending on the deployment option you use, different monitoring resources are available, including alerts, dashboards, notifications, and flow metrics.

For CloudHub 2.0 deployments, the Runtime Manager monitoring feature is available for applications only. For more information, see Monitoring Apps Deployed to CloudHub 2.0.

Monitoring Servers

On applications that are deployed on-premises, use the following tools to get information about the servers.

  • Alerts logo cloud active logo hybrid active

    Send e-mail alerts whenever key events occur. A history of when these alerts were triggered can also be accessed.

  • Monitoring Dashboards logo cloud active logo hybrid active logo server active logo rtf active

    See the evolution of key performance metrics related to service usage and available processing power

    To use Runtime Manager monitoring dashboards when running Mule on Windows, the Mule service must be started by a user that belongs to the Performance Log Users group.