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Servers, Server Groups, and Clusters

Use Runtime Manager to register and set up the properties of servers, server groups, and clusters that reside on-premises. After setting up a server, you can add it to a server group or cluster. Then, select the server, group, or cluster as the deployment target for your applications.

Server Groups and Clusters

Both server groups and clusters run applications in multiple distributed nodes. When using a server group, instances of the applications are completely isolated from each other. In a cluster configuration, the nodes are aware of one another and share common information and synchronize statuses.

All servers in a server group or clusters must have the same Mule runtime engine version and Runtime Manager agent version.


You can set up email alerts to notify you when events occur on your servers, such as a server being disconnected or a server being removed from a cluster. You can link alerts to a specific server or to all of the servers in the server group or cluster.