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Flow Management

You can individually start and stop the specific flows within your deployed applications via the Runtime Manager UI. All flows are active by default.

The flow management feature isn’t available for apps deployed to CloudHub and Anypoint Runtime Fabric.

To act on flows, you must have Manage Applications permission on the desired applications.

Start and Stop Flows

Individual flows can be set to active or inactive through the Start and Stop buttons.

Select one or more flows in your app, and click the Start or Stop button.

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Starting a flow doesn’t imply triggering its endpoints, it just makes it active if previously set inactive.

Set Flows to Unmanaged

In some special cases, you might have apps that are explicitly set up to start and stop flows automatically, according to any criteria you want. In these cases, this behavior is carried out by logic in the applications running inside the Mule itself, and Runtime Manager is unaware of the logic behind these changes.

If you click Start or Stop for a flow in the Flow Management tab, Runtime Manager continually enforces the active or inactive state onto the flow, regardless of any changes that the Mule may attempt.

If you want your flows to freely transition states between active and inactive according to the behavior set up in application logic running in Mule, then you can click Unmanage to set the flow to Unmanaged. Then the flow will no longer be affected by the Start and Stop buttons in this tab.

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