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Runtime Manager Agent API

The Runtime Manager agent API enables you to manage your on-premises Mule runtime engine directly using a REST API.

For the majority of use cases, you need only to install and configure the Runtime Manager agent. To use the Runtime Manager agent for more than managing the communication between Runtime Manager and on-premises Mule instances, use the Runtime Manager Agent API.

The Runtime Manager agent REST API enables you to programmatically access these functions of the agent:

  • Deploy Mule applications.

  • Deploy Mule domains.

  • Create a cluster of Mule servers.

  • Monitor JMX beans.

  • Configure system properties.

  • Configure log levels.

  • Configure Mule agent plugins, such as:

    • Event tracking

    • Splunk integration

    • ELK integration

For an interactive reference of all the operations that are supported through the API, see Runtime Manager Agent API on Exchange.