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Runtime Manager REST API

The Runtime Manager REST API enables you to programmatically access these functions of Runtime Manager:

  • Manage servers:

    • Register a server.

    • Get a list of registered servers.

    • Get information about a server.

    • Change the server name.

    • Shut down, restart, or delete a server.

    • Renew server certificates.

    • Get a server registration token.

  • Manage server groups:

    • Create a server group from a list of servers.

    • Get a list of registered server groups.

    • Get information about a server group.

    • Change the server group name.

    • Add or remove a server from a server group.

    • Delete a server group.

  • Manage clusters:

    • Create a cluster.

    • Get a list of registered clusters.

    • Get information about a cluster.

    • Change the cluster name.

    • Add or remove a server from a cluster.

    • Modify clustering information for a server.

    • Delete a cluster.

  • Manage app deployments on your servers:

    • Deploy, redeploy, and undeploy apps.

    • Get application deployment and status information.

    • Manage flows, schedulers, and alerts in a deployed app.

For an interactive reference of all the operations that are supported through the API, see Runtime Manager REST Services.

The Runtime Manager REST API manages only on-prem applications deployed to your servers. To manage apps deployed to CloudHub using the API, see CloudHub API.

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