Create Clusters in Runtime Manager

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To deploy applications to a cluster, you can either add the servers to Runtime Manager first and then create the cluster, or you can create the cluster and add servers to it later.

When you add a server to a unicast cluster, all existing servers in the cluster are restarted.

For Object Store persistence on all the servers in your cluster, create your cluster manually and use Quorum Management.


Before you add servers to a cluster, note the following restrictions:

  • Servers cannot contain any previously deployed applications.

  • Servers cannot belong to another cluster or group.

  • Multicast servers can be in the Running or Disconnected state.

  • Unicast servers must be in the Running state.

  • All servers in a cluster must be running the same Mule runtime engine version (including monthly update) and Runtime Manager agent version.

    For information about monthly updates, see Monthly Date-Patch Updates.

Create a Cluster

To create a cluster:

  1. From Anypoint Platform, select Runtime Manager.

  2. Select Servers in the left menu.

  3. Click the Create Cluster button:

    Create Cluster button
    Figure 1. The arrow shows the Create Cluster button on the Servers page.
  4. In the Create Cluster page, enter the name for the cluster.

    Cluster names can contain between 3-40 alphanumeric characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9) and hyphens (-). They cannot start or end with a hyphen and cannot contain spaces or other characters.

  5. Select Unicast or Multicast.

  6. Select the servers to include in your new cluster.

  7. Click the Create Cluster button.

The new cluster appears in the Servers list. The servers no longer appear in the Servers list. To see the list of servers in the cluster, click the cluster name.

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