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Create a Cluster using Runtime Manager (Hybrid)


Before you can create a cluster, you must:

  • Install Mule version 3.6 or later, or API gateway runtime version 2.0 or later.

  • Install Runtime Manager Agent version 1.1.1 or later.

  • Create a server for each Mule you want to include in your cluster.

  • None of the servers you select for a new cluster can contain any previously deployed applications, nor can they belong to another cluster or group.

  • Multicast servers can have status states of Running or Disconnected, whereas unicast servers must be in the Running state.

  • All servers in a cluster must be running the same Mule runtime engine version and Runtime Manager agent version.

  • To have Object Store persistence on all the servers in your cluster, you must create your cluster manually and use Quorum Management.

Create a Cluster

  1. Sign into Anypoint Platform, and click Runtime Manager.

  2. Click the Servers tab.
    Ensure that all the servers you want to add to the cluster are visible in the list of servers.

  3. Click Create Cluster. You can add servers in any status to a cluster.

    all servers
  4. In the Create a Cluster dialog:

    1. Enter a name for the cluster.

      Cluster names must:

      • Not start or end with a dash

      • Be between 3 and 40 characters long

      • Be unique

      • Contain only letters, numbers, or dashes

    2. Select Unicast or Multicast.

    3. In the list of serves, select the servers to add to your cluster, then click Create Cluster.
      The cluster appears in the server list.

  5. Click the cluster name to view details about the cluster. In the cluster details page, click the Actions drop-down to:

    • Delete servers from the cluster

    • Restart servers in the cluster

    • Shut down servers in the cluster

    • Renew the certificate for servers in the cluster