To Create a Cluster using Runtime Manager (Hybrid)


Before creating a cluster, ensure you have performed the following:

  • Install Mule runtime, version 3.6 or later or API Gateway runtime, version 2.0 or later.

  • Install Runtime Manager Agent, version 1.1.1 or later.

  • Create a server for each runtime you want to include in your cluster.

Also, note the following considerations when creating a cluster:

  • None of the servers you select for creating a new cluster can contain any previously deployed applications.

  • Multicast servers can be in the status states] 'Running' or 'Disconnected', whereas unicast servers can only be in the state 'Running'. They can’t be merely in 'Created' state.

  • All servers in a cluster must be running the same Mule runtime version and Agent version.

If you wish to have Object Store persistence on all servers of your cluster, you must create your cluster manually and use Quorum Management.

Creating a Cluster

  1. From Anypoint Platform, click Runtime Manager.

  2. Click the Servers tab.

  3. Ensure that all servers are visible in the Servers list.

  4. Click Create Cluster. Servers can be added to a cluster in any status.

    all servers

  5. Enter a name for the cluster.

    The following restrictions on cluster names apply:

    • Must not start or end with a dash,

    • Must be at least 3 characters long

    • Cannot contain more than 40 characters

    • Must be unique

    • Must contain only letters, numbers, or dashes.

  6. Choose Multicast or Unicast.

  7. Click the checkboxes for the names of the servers to add to your cluster

  8. Click Create Cluster.


  9. Click the cluster name to list details about the cluster. This view also lets you add additional servers, remove servers, and delete the cluster:


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