Flow Metrics

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You can view the evolution of performance metrics for individual flows in your applications that are deployed to servers on premises.

Access Flow Metrics

To view flow metrics, your user must have Read Application permission for the desired applications.
  1. Select the Applications tab in Runtime Manager

  2. Enter a running application’s settings (either by clicking the Manage Application button on the side panel, or the application name itself in the table).

  3. Select the Flows tab on the left side bar

  4. Select one or multiple flows

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Verify the Status of Servers

If your application is deployed to a Cluster or a Server Group, you can view the status of the flow on each server it runs in.

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This screen can help you rule out the possibility of a communication issue leading to inconsistent states throughout the servers.

View Flow Metrics

Once you have selected one or multiple flows, you can view the Metrics tab.

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This tab contains charts for the following three metrics:

  • Mule messages

  • Errors

  • Flow response time

All metrics are displayed as an average relative to the selected time scale.

The retention period for flow metrics is two weeks.

All graphs can be viewed at different time scales by selecting the desired time interval on the top-right corner.

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If your application runs on a cluster or server group, the aggregated metrics of the entire set of servers included are charted as a single plot line.

By hovering your mouse over a given point of a graph, an overlay displays numerical detail about activity on that instant.

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Set up Alerts to notify you automatically whenever any of these metrics hits a critical value for a sustained period of time.

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