To View Information about a Server, API Gateway, Server Group, or Cluster (Hybrid)

The Servers tab in Runtime Manager enables you to view a list of the servers, server groups, and clusters that have been created in an environment. From this tab, you can also perform actions related to these components.


Virtual servers created through Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) are not displayed on this tab.
  1. From Anypoint Platform, select Runtime Manager

  2. Click the Servers tab

    Runtime Manager displays a table containing the following information:


    Displays the name of the server, API gateway, server group, or cluster.


    Displays the current status. Possible values are:

    Created: indicates that the component was registered in Runtime Manager but has not been started.

    Connected: indicates that Runtime Manager can connect to the Runtime Manager Agent for of the component.

    Disconnected: indicates that component was registered in Runtime Manager, but was shutdown.

    Running: indicates that the component is running and that you can perform actions, including deploy an application.

    Empty: indicates that a server group or cluster does not contain any servers.


    Lists whether the component is a server, API gateway, server group, or cluster.


    Lists the version of API gateway or Mule runtime. No value is displayed for server groups or clusters.

  3. Click the name of the component to view its dashboard.

  4. Click in the row next to the component name to view additional properties and actions for the component.

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