Server Groups

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A server group is a set of servers that act as a single deployment target for applications so that you don’t have to deploy applications to each server individually.

Deploying applications to servers in server groups provides redundancy so you can restore applications more seamlessly and quickly, with less downtime.

Unlike clusters, application instances in a server group run in isolation from the application instances running on the other servers in the group. If you experience concurrency issues with server groups, consider grouping servers in clusters.

Requirements and Restrictions

  • All servers in a server group must be running the same version of Mule runtime engine and the same version of Runtime Manager agent.

  • You can create a server group with servers with the Running or the Disconnected status, but these can’t be in the same group as servers with the Created status.

  • You can create a server group with servers with the Created status.

  • To add a server on which existing applications are currently running to a server group, first stop and delete the applications from the server.

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