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Add a Server to a Cluster (Hybrid)

All servers that you add to a cluster must run on the same version of Mule and the same version of the Runtime Manager agent.


  1. Download and install the same version of the Mule to register each server.

  2. Run the amc_setup script on each server.

Add the Servers to a Cluster

  1. In Runtime Manager, in the menu on the left, click Servers.

  2. In the server list, under Type, click the name of the cluster to which to add the server.
    The management panel opens on the right side of the page.

    server details
  3. Click Add Server.
    Servers that are already in a server group or part of a cluster do not appear in the list of available servers.

  4. In the list, select the servers to add to the cluster, and click Add Servers.

    Add Another Server