IBM MQ Connector Examples - Mule 4

To fully benefit from using Anypoint Connector for IBM MQ (IBM MQ Connector), see the following examples of configuring the connector operations:

  • Manage Message Acknowledgments
    Configure IBM MQ Connector to manage different acknowledgment configurations, such as automatic acknowledgment on success, immediate acknowledgment, and manual acknowledgment.

  • Listen for New Messages
    Configure the Listener source with the JMS Connector to consume messages as they arrive at the destination.

  • Publish New Messages
    Configure the Publish operation to create a new JMS message and send it to the specified destination.

  • Consume Messages
    Configure the Consume operation to consume a message at any given time in the flow, from any given destination.

  • Publish Messages and Listen for Replies
    Configure the Publish consume operation to publish a message to any exchange, and then wait for a reply on a different destination.

  • Manage Transactions
    Configure IBM MQ Connector to manage transactional connections to execute a series of operations.

  • Configure Topic Subscription
    Configure topic subscriptions in IBM MQ Connector to control how subscriptions behave regarding the connection of the consumers and also how these consumers interact with each other.

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