Apache Kafka Connector 4.5 - Mule 4

Anypoint Connector for Apache Kafka (Apache Kafka Connector) enables you to interact with the Apache Kafka messaging system and achieve seamless integration between your Mule app and a Kafka cluster, using Mule runtime engine (Mule).

For compatibility information see the Apache Kafka Connector Release Notes.

Before You Begin

Before creating an app, you must:

  • Have access to the Apache Kafka target resource and Anypoint Platform

  • Understand how to create a Mule app using Anypoint Studio

  • Have access to Apache Kafka to get values for the fields that appear in Studio

Use Cases

Apache Kafka is a multipurpose application. Integration with Apache Kafka relies on the applications that are typically used with it.

Example use cases include:

  • An integration application that ensures that patients in a hospital receive the care they need in a timely manner
    An example of this is a hospital server that processes emergency requests for patient admissions. The requests are ordered by priority determined by specified criteria, such as how critical the patient’s condition is and the staff that is available to treat the patient. In this scenario, an application processes Apache Kafka messages in the order that they are received, relying on the order and idempotency of the messages sent through the queue.

  • An application that is time-sensitive
    An example is a newsroom that uses the Apache Kafka system to deliver the latest news. To retrieve the latest news, reading from the Apache Kafka queue sometimes requires reading from the end of the queue first.

  • Multiple applications that rely on the information provided by Apache Kafka
    For example, a department store uses a website activity tracker to improve the online shopping experience. The data that is gathered is sent to multiple departments for various computations. Each department reviews the information that’s received to stay informed about what the customer is looking for and then provides recommendations accordingly.



After you complete the prerequisites, you are ready to create an app with Anypoint Studio.

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