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API Functional Monitoring Release Notes

These release notes cover the following versions of this product:

API Functional Monitoring 1.16

July 27, 2019

This release introduces one new feature in the interface for Anypoint Monitoring: you can now create new tests that are based on existing tests for monitors in Anypoint Monitoring. For details, see Create a New Test from an Existing One.

API Functional Monitoring 1.15

June 15, 2019

This release introduces one new feature: you can now get notifications of failed tests through email. Select Email as the reporter in API Functional Monitoring in Anypoint Monitoring, or set up email as a reporter in the BAT CLI.

See Create a Monitor for instructions about using API Functional Monitoring in Anypoint Monitoring, and see To Configure and View Test Reports for details about creating reporters in the BAT CLI.

API Functional Monitoring 1.1

July 12, 2018

This release introduces an enhancement and a new feature.


When you create a monitor in the Functional Monitoring section of Anypoint Monitoring, you can now specify more than one endpoint to test and more than one assertion per endpoint.

New Feature

You can write and run BAT tests in IntelliJ IDEA with the support of the DataWeave 2.0 IntelliJ plugin. For details, see Write and Run BAT Tests in IntelliJ IDEA.

API Functional Monitoring 1.0

This release introduces a new user interface that is incorporated into Anypoint Monitoring. To access this user interface, select Functional Monitoring after opening Anypoint Monitoring.

For documentation about this new user interface, see API Functional Monitoring in Anypoint Monitoring.

You can still create tests and schedule them using the BDD Test-Writing Language and the Blackbox Automated Testing (BAT) CLI. The documentation for doing that is located at API Functional Monitoring with the Blackbox Automated Testing (BAT) CLI.

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