API Functional Monitoring in Anypoint Monitoring

API Functional Monitoring enables you to monitor responses to requests sent to API resources at their endpoints. You monitor APIs by accessing the Functional Monitoring section of Anypoint Monitoring, which you select from the home page of Anypoint Platform.

The Functional Monitoring section contains tools for creating and editing monitors. Additionally, you can upload custom test suites written in BAT, a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) language.

The following image illustrates the components of a monitor:

afm ui overview a new

A monitor includes a test and a schedule for running the test.

The monitor test includes the following:

  • The endpoints to verify

  • Optional assertions to verify at the endpoints (for example, a 200 status code)

  • Optional HTTP headers to include when sending requests to the endpoints

  • Optional tools, such as SumoLogic and Slack, used to send test reports

The monitor test schedule includes the following:

You can create more than one schedule per monitor test, as shown under the Next run column in the following image.

afm ui test versions and schedules new

The bar graph shows the daily average response time in milliseconds of all tests to all endpoints. The colors in each bar indicate the average time for each of the steps in a test. Hover over the bar to see the details.

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