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Execute BAT Tests

In this procedure, you execute the tests you wrote earlier in the workflow. Using the BAT CLI, you can execute one test at a time or all tests listed in the bat.yaml. By default, BAT generates HTML and JSON reports about the test results.

  1. Run the bat command in the directory where bat.yaml is located.

    The output shows the results of the test and location of reports. For example:

    BAT Version: 1.0.51
    #  File: ./tests/step.0.dwl
          ✓ GET (295.45ms)
            ✓ 200 must equal 200
    #  File: ./tests/step.1.dwl
            gets a list of users
              ✓ GET (239.88ms)
                ✓ 200 must equal 200
                ✓ "application/json" must equal "application/json"
      kind: "Assertion",
      pass: true,
      name: "10 must equal 10",
      softFail: false,
      result: {
        kind: "Assertion::Equal",
        expectedValue: "10" as String {mimeType: "application/dw"},
        givenValue: "10" as String {mimeType: "application/dw"}
                ✓ 10 must equal 10
    #  Reporter: bat/Reporters/JSON.dwl >> /var/folders/w5/_cc_5_z12pq3qnymf3f0zh840000gq/T/bat_report_20180225145000.json
    #  Reporter: bat/Reporters/HTML.dwl >> /var/folders/w5/_cc_5_z12pq3qnymf3f0zh840000gq/T/bat_report_20180225145000.html
  2. Open the HTML report shown on the last line of the output above.

    bat html report
  3. Expand and click items in the navigation pane to drill down.

    Details about the request, response, assertions, and the raw data of the response appear.

    bat html report request

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