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View a Test’s History

You can review the details of past executions of a test version.


  1. Select the monitor for which you want to view a test version’s historical results.

  2. Click the Tests tab to see the list of test versions.

  3. Click the History icon for the test version that you want to run.


The History page is opened for the test version. The page displays the status of each execution and statistics that are associated with it. The statistics are:

  • When the test was last executed

  • How long the execution lasted

  • The location from which the test was run

  • The environment from which the test was run

Click the Details button for one of the executions to see this information for each tested endpoint:

  • The status of the test

  • The length of time that passed before a response was received

  • The type of request

  • The headers in the request

  • The headers in the response

  • The results of the test assertions

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