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Creating Monitors

You create monitors via the Functional Monitoring UI or by uploading test suites written in BAT, a Behavior Driven Development (BDD) language. Both methods enable you to create tests against one or more endpoints, and to create test schedules that run at specified intervals.

This procedure describes creating monitors via the Functional Monitoring UI.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you have the following permissions set in Access Management:

  • Anypoint Monitoring > Viewer or Anypoint Monitoring > Administrator


  • Exchange > Exchange Administrator or Exchange > Exchange Contributor

An Anypoint Platform administrator for your organization grants permission. See Manage Permissions.

Create a Monitor

To create a monitor:

  1. Click Create Monitor in the Functional Monitoring section of Anypoint Monitoring.

  2. Under Step 1 - Setup the monitor:

    1. Specify a monitor name.

    2. Select a testing location.

    3. Set the monitoring schedule.

  3. Click the Step 2 - Select endpoints tab and set up the tests as follows for each endpoint:

    1. By default, the monitor validates self-signed certifications for each endpoint, so Validate SSL Certificate is toggled on. To allow unsafe self-signed certifications for an endpoint, toggle Validate SSL Certificate off.

    2. Select the method and enter the endpoint URL.

    3. Search for, select, or configure custom headers and insert a value for each header.

    4. For POST, PUT, or PATCH endpoints, optionally insert body content.

    5. Optionally select headers and insert their values.

    6. Select assertion information.

    7. Preview the test by clicking Run now under Preview the result of your monitor.

  4. Click the Step 3 - Set notifications tab.

    • Optionally select notifiers from the list of integrated reporting tools and enter the required information in the value field for each selected notifier:

      Reporting Tool Required Information

      New Relic

      License Key








      Email address

      To hide the required information in the monitor files, see Configuring and Viewing Reports.

  5. Click Create Monitor.

On the Step 2 - Select endpoints tab, you can alternatively click Switch to code editor to edit the monitor as BAT source. For more details, see BDD Test-Writing Syntax Reference.