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Getting Started with API Functional Monitoring

After you become familiar with the API Functional Monitoring UI and concepts covered in the API Functional Monitoring Overview, you are ready to start monitoring your APIs.

Before You Begin

To use API Functional Monitoring, you must have the permissions required for the actions you want to execute. Permissions are set by your organization administrator.

Permission Actions

Create Applications (Runtime Manager)

Create private locations

Delete Applications (Runtime Manager)

Delete private locations

Manage Settings (Runtime Manager)

Update private locations

View Environment

Log in using BAT CLI

View Organization

Use Secrets Manager through BAT CLI

Exchange Contributor (Exchange)

Create or modify a monitor; add or modify a schedule

Exchange Administrator (Exchange)

Create, modify, or delete a monitor; add, modify, or delete a schedule

Grant access to secrets (Secrets Manager)

Use Secrets Manager

Monitor Your APIs Using the Functional Monitoring UI

To monitor your APIs in Functional Monitoring:

  1. Create monitors for the APIs that you want to test. This includes:

    • Adding locations and schedules

    • Configuring tests for the API endpoints

    • Setting notifications through reporting tools

  2. View monitor history.

Monitor Your APIs Using BAT CLI

Additional Options and Reporting

Additionally you can: