Runtime Manager 2.0.x Release Notes


Anypoint Runtime Manager version 2.0.0 includes new and granular troubleshooting functionality such as Insight for hybrid users, flow management and more granular monitoring graphs so users detect the source of their issues more quickly.

Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.


Agent plugins integration is compatible with the following runtime versions:


3.6.x and above.


Cloud only.

API GateWay

2.x and above for API Analytics

Runtime Manager Agent

Features and Functionality

  • Insight for Hybrid Users: Insight gives users the ability to troubleshoot their applications for performance and health related issues at a granular level, thus enabling users to determine the root cause of an issue quickly and efficiently. This is now available for all users.

  • Flow Management: Users will have the ability to manage their problematic flows in runtime. They can now just disable a flow without disrupting the entire application.

  • Monitoring V2.0: This release contains granular monitoring charts for metrics that are pertinent to On-Premises servers and are hence used by Hybrid users.
    The new charts include:

    • Garbage Collection

    • Heap/Non-Heap

    • Load average

    • Thread count.

Additionally alerts have been set for Load Average and Thread count.

Flow management and monitoring V2.0 functionality is only available for integration applications deployed On-Premises, but management occurs through a cloud console.

Deprecated Features or Functionality


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