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Runtime Manager 2.1.x Release Notes


Anypoint Runtime Manager version 2.1.0 includes shortcuts to promote hybrid applications to production, and additional configuration capabilities for these. This is yet another step to bridge the feature gap between applications deployed to CloudHub and applications deployed to servers in a hybrid modality.

This release also includes significant backend improvements to boost performance and reduce response times.

Hardware and Software Requirements

No change.


Agent plugins integration is compatible with the following runtime versions:


3.6.x and above.


Cloud only.

API GateWay

2.x and above for API Analytics

Runtime Manager Agent

Features and Functionality

This release introduces the following capabilities:

  • Improved support for promotion of hybrid applications between environment from the UI

  • Capability to enable and disable insights at deployment time for hybrid applications

  • Capability to configure the log levels at deployment time for hybrid applications

  • CHHYBRID-2542 Deployment partially persisted

  • CHHYBRID-2386 Enhance performance of the Audit Logging Aspect

  • CHHYBRID-2517 Add request tracing logging to the Hybrid-Console

Deprecated Features or Functionality