Xero Accounting Connector 1.0

Anypoint Connector for Xero Accounting (Xero Accounting Connector) enables you to access the Xero Accounting APIs. Xero Accounting APIs expose accounting and related functions of the main Xero application and can be used for a variety of purposes, such as creating transactions like invoices and credit notes, to extracting accounting data via the Reports endpoint.

For compatibility information and fixed issues, see the Xero Connector Release Notes.

Before You Begin

To use this connector, you must be familiar with:

  • The Xero Accounting API

  • Anypoint Connectors

  • Mule runtime (Mule)

  • Elements and global elements in a Mule flow

  • Creating a Mule app using Anypoint Studio (Studio)

Before creating an app, you must have:

  • Credentials to access the Xero Accounting target resource

  • Anypoint Platform

  • Anypoint Studio 7.3 or later

Authentication Types

Xero Connector connections use the OAuth 2.0 authentication method.

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