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Application Testing

All application projects include MUnit test suites, which provide basic unit test cases and functional tests defined in a Postman collection.

Postman Tests

For running the Postman collections you will need to download and install the latest Postman release from A Postman account is required to launch and run tests.

Before importing the project collection into your Postman workspace you will need to set up an environment specifically for running Accelerator test collections. In the accelerator-common-resources project, there is a pre-defined environment file under the testing folder. Import this file into Postman and update the variables to reflect your own settings.

MUnit Tests

From the command line, running any Maven goal that includes the testing phase automatically executes the MUnit tests. This includes the goals test, package, and deploy. To avoid running the MUnit tests, specify either -DskipMunitTests or -DskipTests on the Maven command line (for example, mvn package -DskipTests). Case matters when specifying the values.