About Exchange Public Portals

Exchange enables organizations to create a customized external view of Exchange within an organization with specific logo, banner image, text, and a favicon for the browser tab.

Exchange public portals are available on the internet to everyone and are used to externalize an organization’s APIs to outside developers. The Exchange portals replace what used to be known as a Developer Portal. With Exchange portals you can customize the look and content of the portal.

Exchange public portals let an organization share REST, SOAP, and HTTP APIs.

Exchange Administrators can share an API asset to a public portal as described in the sections that follow.

To Update the Description of an Asset in a Portal

  1. Locate the asset in your organization’s Exchange.

  2. Edit the asset’s description, and when done, publish the asset.

  3. Return to the portal and click the asset. The description updates automatically after changing the description in the asset.