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Email Connector 1.4 - Mule 4

Anypoint Connector for Email (Email Connector) sends and retrieves email messages over standard email protocols. Email Connector configurations share a basic set of parameters that require a connection over the protocols you use.

For compatibility information and fixed issues, see the Email Connector Release Notes.

Before You Begin

To use this connector, you must be familiar with:

  • Anypoint Connectors

  • Mule runtime engine (Mule)

  • Elements and global elements in a Mule flow

  • Creating a Mule app using Anypoint Studio (Studio)

Before creating an app, you must have access to Anypoint Platform and Anypoint Studio.

Common Use Cases for the Connector

Email Connector enables you to:

  • Retrieve emails from POP3 mailboxes

  • Retrieve, delete, and store emails from IMAP mailboxes

  • Send emails over the SMTP protocol

  • Support secure connections for all protocols over Transport Layer Security (TLS)

For examples, see Examples.


Next Step

After you complete the prerequisites and try the templates and examples, you are ready to create your own app and configure the connector using Anypoint Studio.

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